Jan 31, 2024

Women's Literacy Training Begins

While we have eagerly been waiting for news about the women's literacy initiative in the Central African Republic, we are reminded that there is such a thing as "African time." Maybe even "God's time."

Illiteracy is a significant challenge in C.A.R. with only about 25% of adult women grasping the skills necessary to read and write. This is compounded by the lack of consistent educational opportunities for young girls and boys.

This lack of literacy is a barrier to accessing information and participating in decision-making processes for one's family. It also makes it difficult for a woman - especially a mother - to obtain formal employment, provide for her family, and to fully engage in the economy.

So it is with great pleasure that we announce the official start of the training of three literacy instructors in Bouar, C.A.R.

Rev. Joseph NGOE, President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in C.A.R. (ELC-CAR), marked the occasion at a ceremony on January 24, 2024. Several other church officials, including two synod leaders of the Central African Women for Christ, and representatives from the Department of Education and literacy sectors were present.

The first session began with the trainers providing kits consisting of manuals, notebooks, pens & pencils, chalkboards, and many other items for the literacy instructors who will be trained for this initiative. This training session will continue for eighteen days.

LPGM has provided initial funding to our C.A.R. partner for this initiative thanks to generous gifts from church partners and interested individuals in the U.S.

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Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry (LPGM)—a pan-Lutheran organization that provides access to quality education for people at the margins—is partnering with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Central African Republic (ELC-CAR) on a women’s literacy program. The ELC-CAR created the program to improve the living conditions of vulnerable girls and women while promoting gender and women’s rights.

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We look forward to hearing more once the training has been completed for these three instructors. And, especially as individual teaching sessions begin, we will share updates and stories and photos as they are provided to us.

God is at work in C.A.R. For all the women who are seeking to read and write, good things come to those who wait!