Communicate With Your Student

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When you write to the student you sponsor, he/she will write back to you. As soon as we receive the reply from the student, we will forward it on to you. Time in India is not quite so intense as in the U.S. culture. It may take some time, but the response will be worth the wait.

To write to the student you sponsor via email, complete this online form. You may attach one or two documents such as photos or a scanned letter/card. Your message will be delivered via email in the blink of an eye all while keeping your email address private. We ask that each time you write to the student(s) you sponsor, you begin a new form. That will ensure that you get a reply and we will keep our records in good order.

To help you begin corresponding with your student(s), we have provided a sample letter that includes tips on writing as well as a blank letter template (WORD DOC). The template can be completed by typing in the information, saving it with a unique file name and attaching it to an email addressed to: You may also print the template, complete the form by hand, attach a photo and either scan it for email or send via post (see below).

Hello from your Sponsors Example and Tips


If you are communicating via post, send only flat envelopes, like a letter or a card. You may include a photograph. Considering including other family members or pets or a landmark near the place where you live in a photo – like a corn field, a lake, flowers, a tree or a mountain. Gift are not necessary, in fact we discourage sending gifts. Please do not send cash directly to the student. Your sponsorship support in the form of a contribution to LPGM is the best way to love, support and encourage the young student.

Use our office as the return address to protect your privacy:

Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry
5200 Willson Road, Suite 280
Minneapolis MN 55424

Address your letter like this:

Student Name/Student ID Number
LPGM India
Post Bag 59
Cuddalore 607 001
TN South India

It is best to visit the post office to obtain the correct amount of postage to mail your envelope.

As soon as we receive the reply from the student, we will forward it on to you in the same manner in which you wrote to him/her.

Thank you for writing to your sponsored student!