Manikandan M.
ID# 110-082

About Me
My name is Manikandan M.. I'm a 17-year-old boy.

My birthday is
July 11, 2005.

11th Standard (Plus One)

Boarding Home

I live and go to school at Good Shepherd Home for the Deaf in Thoothukudi, in the far south of India. Owned and operated by the India Evangelical Lutheran Church, Good Shepherd serves deaf and hard-of-hearing boys and girls, as well as other students with disabilities.

Favorite Activity

My favorite activity is playing soccer (or "football" in India).


In the Indian Caste system, I am Dalit. "Dalit" means "broken/scattered" in Sanskrit, and is a term used for people belonging to castes in India who have been subjected to untouchability. In the past, Dalit people were believed to be impure, so dominant-caste Hindus considered their presence to be polluting. The "impure status" was related to historic occupations that were considered to be "polluting" or debased, such as working with leather, disposal of dead animals, or sanitation. [via Wikipedia]

Favorite Subject