Bhuvaneshwari A.
ID# 020-2289

About Me
My name is Bhuvaneshwari A.. I'm a 15-year-old girl.

My birthday is
January 12, 2009.

11th Standard

Boarding Home

I live and go to school at Melpattambakkam Girls' Boarding Home in Tamil Nadu, India. Owned and operated by the Arcot Lutheran Church — an Indian, Dalit-led church body in the state of Tamil Nadu — Melpattambakkam serves about 300 girls between sixth and 12th Standard.

Favorite Activity

My favorite activity is playing a musical instrument (or instruments). Many boarding homes offer classes for students to learn wind instruments, string instruments (such as violin), piano/keyboard, or other musical instruments.


I am an indigenous person in India. Also called "Adivasi", "Scheduled Tribe", or "Tribal" in India, indigenous people were some of the earliest inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent, and have been historically marginalized and oppressed.

Favorite Subject



3 sisters