Transformational Travel to Guatemala

“This trip was an amazing experience for our family. It was a chance to see the splendor of God's creation and learn about how we can better care for it. We also had the opportunity to learn about and connect with people of difference cultures and create bonds that touched us all very deeply.”
- Brendan C.

June 15 - 25

Approximate Cost
$1,600-$1,800 per person 
What's included? What isn't included? *

“CCFC will change you for the better! I appreciated the opportunity to get more comfortable with discomfort and I look forward to my next chance to travel with LPGM in order to reach outside myself.”

- Karna H.

What are the travel and accommodations?

Your journey from the U.S. to Guatemala takes about 8 hours. The time zone is GMT 6,  which is an easy transition from the East Coast, West Coast, or the Middle States. This destination is particularly appealing because it is close to the U.S., it is safe, and it is appropriate for all ages.  It's a great opportunity for solo travelers, grandparents, youth, friends, and families.

Depending upon the arrival time, your group may spend the night at a hotel in Guatemala City and the next morning, after a hearty breakfast, take a short tour of the city. You will marvel at the lush mountain forests and spectacular views during the five-hour bus ride to your home base, the campus of our partner, Community Cloud Forest Conservation (CCFC).


Your hosts are CCFC co-founders Tara and Rob Cahill, Americans who have made Alta Verapaz their home since 2001. CCFC brings environmental education to children and youth, encourages young women to go on to school, restores and reforests illegally deforested areas, and teaches children the art of appreciation of nature.

The campus is a 390-acre sanctuary, surrounded by lush mountain forests and natural wonders including caves, a river, streams, and forest, and home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna. You will stay in the guest house, which includes several bedrooms - each with an adjoining private bathroom and shower, a shared large kitchen and dining room, a library, a family room, and the ever-popular front porch.   

Most meals are vegetarian-based, prepared by Advanced WALC interns, who are alumnae of the WALC program and now work for CCFC while they attend college. (WALC is explained below.) Expect plenty of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, fresh-baked bread, local coffee, and plenty of black beans, tortillas, and salsa!

What will we do?

The days are packed with active learning, sometimes interacting with children in local schools or on CCFC's campus, who come for the "Kids and Birds" program. Activities may include hiking, birding, looking for bugs, planting trees, learning to make tortillas or jam, and exploring ancient caves. (You can choose how you want to participate.)

The trip may include a visit to the Spanish colonial, picturesque city of Antigua, the Mayan ruins of Iximche', or the national park of Semuc Champey, with its stepped, turquoise pools. Additional excursions may include visiting a coffee farm, a local church, and a cultural heritage center.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

While speaking Spanish is helpful, it is not a requirement, as Q'eqchi' is the dominant Indigenous language in the region. Our hosts will communicate in English and when hearing from non-English speakers, translation will be provided. And, in the words of one past traveler, "The language of laughing and learning together is universal." 

Why does LPGM partner with CCFC?

CCFC is located in a region of Guatemala that is home to some of the least served, poorest indigenous people groups of Guatemala. Lack of access to education - especially for young women - and deforestation are major issues.

CCFC's dual objectives are to end poverty and to protect nature. LPGM is honored to walk alongside CCFC in this work, particularly that of providing access to quality education to these girls and young women on the margins. 

LPGM has committed to raising scholarships for CCFC's "WALC" (pronounced "walk") program. Women in Agroecology for Leadership Conservation is a holistic leadership training program for Maya young women from remote mountain villages.

Although the program has a strong focus on agroecology (agriculture + ecology), WALC students also learn about nutrition, cooking, health and hygiene, family planning, career and educational options, self-esteem and confidence building, and a large array of other life skills. The goal is to equip each participant for a productive, healthy, and happy life as well as to enable her to be an agent of positive change in her family, community, and village. Learn more about WALC at Access to Quality Education in Guatemala — Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry.

What is the purpose of this trip?

The trip objectives are for you to experience and learn from the Guatemalan and Maya cultures, to participate in CCFC's ongoing education and agroecology projects, and to share your life and show God's love to those you meet. Your time there will be an encouragement to the students and staff you meet. 

Through personal and group reflection, you'll unravel complex issues related to climate change, education, public health, empowering girls and women, and building community. Our hope is that you will share your experience with those at home, and apply your learning to your life. 

Watch this video to learn more about traveling to Guatemala with LPGM.

Transformation travel is about walking hand in hand with local Christians doing God's work, learning from them, supporting them, and exploring what God is calling us to do together. Join us!

Frequently Asked Questions about LPGM Travel

“Best hosts ever, great food, great experience."
- Nona J.

“LPGM facilitated a life changing trip to Guatemala. We were able to connect with the people, learn about CCFC, and bring ideas back to our community."
- LPGM Traveler

What are people saying?

Ellen W.


“I have worked with a variety of organizations on trips before, but I had not had an experience like I did with LPGM. It truly was a partnership, where we built our trip together based on our shared values of global partnership, justice and boundary crossing. It continues to be an honor to work with them on how to learn from local leaders around world on how leaders are healing their communities.”

Drew Y.


“LPGM facilitated a once-in-a-lifetime, transformative travel experience for our church group to go to Guatemala and learn from its people about the cloud forests. We saw first-hand the power of education and mentorship in underserved places to raise up and empower local leaders (especially women) to improve the lives of their communities while preserving the ecosystems around them. LPGM and their amazing staff are committed to cross-cultural education and Christian ministry through accompanying local partners around the world.”

Carolyn S.


"“A physically challenging and rewarding trip.”"

* What's included?

  •   All in-country travel, lodging and meals.
  •   Hiking in the breathtaking cloud forests of Alta Verapaz.
  •   Basic medical evacuation insurance.

What isn't included?

  •   Airfare. We will work as a group to secure the best cost.
  •   Passport. You will need a passport with at least six months until expiration beyond your travel dates.
  •   Vaccinations and preventative drugs. We suggest visiting a special travel clinic. Cost depends upon your insurance, copays and prescription benefits.
  •   Alcoholic Beverages. These can be purchased on your own.
  •   Other Personal Expenses.

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