Transformational Travel to India

“My LPGM trip to India was life changing. I would love for my friends to see how different and special it is there, to experience how kind and welcoming these people are. It was an amazing trip!”
- LPGM Traveler

February 2025

(Exact Dates TBD)

Approximate Cost
$4,000 per person
What's included? What isn't? *

“It's always transformational to explore other cultures and personally get to know people from those cultures.”

- Linda B.

What are the travel/accommodations like?

It takes about 24 hours from the U.S. to your destination of Chennai, India. The time zone is GMT+5½ (the whole of India is in the same time zone - 30 minutes ahead of one zone and 30 minutes behind another zone) so jet lag is nearly impossible to avoid. That is part of the journey!

In-country transportation is typically by mini-bus, although you may have the opportunity to try out a tuk-tuk! 

Overnight accommodations range from hostel or dormitory-style rooms (pictured below) with shared bathrooms to modern hotels with amenities such as swimming pools and Wi-Fi.


Food is mostly Indian cuisine, but our hosts are aware of preferences, and typically a variety of options is available. There will also be times to enjoy favorites from home, such as pizza.  

What will we do?

Your journey to India is to the southeastern state of Tamil Nadu where you will visit LPGM partners in the Arcot Lutheran Church (ALC) and those they serve.

This church body serves mostly Dalits (or "untouchables"), the lowest of the caste system. The ALC has a huge heart for Dalit children on the margins and empowers them through education. Since 1997, LPGM has managed a student sponsorship program for students living at ALC boarding homes.

You will visit village schools, where students benefiting from ALC's English+ program will read, sing, and perform for you. Teachers and staff will be excited to show you their libraries and demonstrate e-learning tools, funded with support from LPGM.

Other stops might include the Timothy Center for Women and Children's Empowerment, the Community College, and the Lebanon Home and weaving center, where you can purchase beautiful towels, placemats, and more, woven by widows who have found community and a livelihood.

Interfaith conversations include elements of Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism at the Quo Vadis Interfaith Dialogue Center in Tiruvannamalai. Excursions may include a Hindu temple, a Muslim mosque, and a Lutheran Church, as well as other holy places and sacred spaces. There will be engaging conversations and time for contemplative prayer and reflection.

In Chennai, you may visit the National Shrine of St. Thomas the Apostle as well as a banyan tree that is approaching 200 years old. 

You will likely spend a day or two in the seaside city of Pondicherry. Situated on the Bay of Bengal, it is known as "The French Riviera of the East" after the advent of French colonization in India. Here you may visit the Sri Aurobindo Ashram or nearby Auroville, heralded as the "first and only experimental township," with its golden-domed Matrimandir, adding to your religious and cultural experience. 

In addition to meeting staff and spending time with students, you will have time to reflect with the group as together you process what you are learning, experiencing, and questioning.

*We offer an optional add-on to visit Delhi and Agra which includes the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort. It is an additional four days before (or after) the main journey. The extra cost is approximately $500-600. This special excursion is determined by the interest of each group.

Will I get to meet my student?

We do everything possible to help you meet your sponsored student(s) at their boarding home. The India staff also makes a plan to visit a village and a home of student(s), one connected to you or others in the group. A night or two may be spent at more than one boarding home for a glimpse into their daily routine.

Do I need to speak the language?

Tamil is the language of many people in Tamil Nadu, but there are many other languages spoken, too. English is the unifying language. Traveling with LPGM means you will have Indian partners, tour guides, and contacts to help you the entire journey.

What is the purpose of this trip?

The trip objectives are for you to experience and learn from the Indian culture and people, to participate in our partner's ongoing education projects, and to share your life and show God's love to those you meet. Your time there will be an encouragement to the students and staff!

Through personal and group reflection, you'll unravel complex issues related to caste and race, spirituality and religion, education, empowering girls and women, and building community. Our hope is that you will share your experience with those at home, and apply your learning to your life. 

Transformational travel is walking hand in hand with local Christians doing God's work, learning from them, supporting them, and exploring what God is calling us to do together. Join us!

Frequently Asked Questions about LPGM Travel

“A culturally rich, awesome experience of the country and its people."

- Nancy B.

"It was transformational even this second time… to see again how little some have but how content they are. I am very grateful to have had this experience."

-  Sarah Q.

* What's included?

  •   Round trip airfare from most U.S. Departure points, although airfare varies.
  •   All in-country travel, lodging, and most meals.
  •   Basic medical evacuation insurance.

What isn't included?

  •   Passport & Visas. You will need a passport with at least six months until expiration beyond your travel dates. In addition, a visa from the Indian Government is required for an extra cost.
  •   Vaccinations and preventative drugs. We suggest visiting a special travel clinic. Cost depends upon your insurance, copays and prescription benefits.
  •   Alcoholic Beverages. These can be purchased on your own.
  •   Other Personal Expenses.

“I was able to go deeper in my appreciation for the students, the staff, and the people of India.”

- LPGM Traveler

What are people saying?

Tom R.


I've traveled twice with LPGM to India to visit boarding schools of the ALC. We were able to visit with the students we sponsor along with hundreds of others. Visiting the schools is a "Rock Star" adventure. As a grandfather of four girls I'm especially grateful to help Dalit girls in Tamil Nadu secure a chance to have better opportunities in life."

Sarah Q.


"We went to India this past year and actually met our students. LPGM has a tour leader for us and made all the accommodations and it was wonderful to not only meet our sponsored students but to travel with like minded people . LPGM has given myself and our family such joy and meaning to our giving."

Verne W.


"I have been involved with LPGM since 2008 when my wife and I took a trip to India to meet students we were sponsoring through LPGM. It was a life changing experience to meet these students first hand and follow up with them through out their years at school."

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