Travel Questions & Answers

LPGM occasionally plans travel to Guatemala, India & Tanzania

Who should consider traveling with LPGM?

LPGM trips are designed for people who are seeking transformational travel - meaning, the traveler is expecting to be changed by the experience.

What ages are appropriate?

Guatemala and India are more family friendly, the youngest age is dependent upon the individual, but generally about age 7 for Guatemala and age 15 for India. The journey to Tanzania is designed for adults only.

Do the trips require physical exertion?

It is ideal to be in good physical condition with no limiting ambulatory issues. The demands are unique to each country but there is walking and hiking involved at each destination.

Is there anything special required for an LPGM trip?
What are the overnight accommodations?

While in a larger city, you will be housed in a hotel or guest house that will be very familiar. In the rural location of Guatemala we describe the rooms as rustic, yet all travelers consider it very comfortable. In more rural locales in India the lodging is usually simple but still very much like that to which you are accustomed. Tanzania may be a combination of simple and/or luxurious. You will always be in a safe place. 

What is land transportation like?

It all depends upon the size of the group, but for the most part it will be a small or medium sized van or bus, the air conditioning of which will be "natural." You will never be asked to drive. That's for those who live in-country!

How would I prepare myself for such a trip?

Once an itinerary is set for a specific group, we host two or three orientation sessions prior to departure. You will be given information about our partners as well as suggestions for preparing for a visit to the country/culture. While we stated at the start, this is for people who want to be changed by the experience, we dont' want you to be afraid or anxious about anything. We are here to help you prepare for transformational travel!

What if I am just not sure?

By completing the form "I'm Interested in Travel with LPGM!" you are simply adding your name to our list of curious people. We will keep in touch with you about future opportunities.