Transformational Travel to Tanzania

“The warmth and welcoming Tanzanian people and the great impact the safe houses are making for young girls is the best!”
- Colleen S.

September 2024

Approximate Cost
$4,275 per person
What's included? What isn't included? *

“I feel like I left part of my heart in Tanzania - for the people and the animals”
- Sue B.

The 2024 trip is now full. Please check back for future opportunities.

What will we do?

Your 18-hour journey to East Africa - Tanzania - brings you near Mount Meru and the gateway to safari destination. 

Almost from the first step out of the plane, you will experience the sights, sounds, flavors, aromas, and more in Arusha. Here you may see a banana plantation, a fabric market, and a cultural heritage center. 

This visit focuses on spending time with LPGM's partners and the girls and young women they serve.

These partners include: The Safe House, Eripoto for Girls & Women (a safe house), and Mwangaza Partnership for Education (a safe school program that trains teachers, school administrators, and communities).

You will meet Tanzanian colleagues who have dedicated their lives to protecting and empowering young women and educating teachers and entire communities about the importance of women.

Through discussion with our partners and other group members, you will unravel complex issues relating to teaching, learning, public health, empowering girls and women, and building community.

You will meet girls and young women who are finding safety and emotional and financial support through our partners in order to continue their studies. Some of them are young Maasai girls who face challenges that you only read about. They have experienced these hardships and are overcoming obstacles. They are living proof of what determination can mean so they can be educated and change the world. 

You will have the opportunity to worship with them, share meals with them, and play with them. 

Your group will likely spend a few days at a park reserve, gazing at the wonder of nature and what seems like a perfect existence of the many animals living in harmony. The "Big 5" are African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, African Lion, Leopard and Rhinoceros. The term was originally used in the 19th century by game hunters but, fortunately, these big 5 are now protected in national parks and game preserves. You may also visit the Ngorongoro Crater, one of the "Seven Natural Wonders" of Africa. 

Do I need to speak the language?

Swahili (Kiswahili) is the language of many people here, but there are other languages spoken, too. English is a common and unifying language. 

What is the purpose of the trip?

The trip objectives are for you to experience and learn from the Tanzanian culture, to participate in our partner's ongoing education projects, and to share your life and show God's love to those you meet. Your time there will be an encouragement to the students and staff!

Through personal and group reflection, you'll unravel complex issues related to education, empowering girls and women, and building community. Our hope is that you will share your experience with those at home, and apply your learning to your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions about LPGM Travel

LPGM transformational travel is walking hand in hand with local Christians doing God's work, learning from them, supporting them, and exploring what God is calling us to do together. Join us!

“Love, safety, security, food, clothing, and faith are  deserved by everyone.”
- Carol V.

Ready to Join?

Registration for the 2024 trip is full. Please check back for future opportunities.

“The opportunity to sit beside and visit with God's people on this LPGM trip to Tanzania exceeds seeing all the beauty of Europe.”
- LPGM Traveler

What are people saying?

Sue B.


“I recently traveled to Tanzania with five others. It was an educational and very inspiring experience. The trip was well organized and gave us a glimpse of the culture and the work of LPGM there. We were privileged to meet those involved in working in the schools and safe houses, and talked with students in both settings."

Connie H.


“I just returned from a trip to Tanzania with a LPGM group of six women. The trip was well-planned and definitely exceeded my expectations. This was the third trip I took with LPGM. Each unique experience has broadened my world view and in doing so helped me understand myself. I witnessed the fulfillment of the LPGM mission to help improved access to education, especially for girls and women.”

Melissa S.


“If you have traveled to India and loved it, you will love this trip, too!”

* What's included?

  •   Round trip airfare from most U.S. Departure points, although airfare varies.
  •   All in-country travel, lodging, and most meals.
  •   Basic medical evacuation insurance.

What isn't included?

  •   Passport & Visas. You will need a passport with at least six months until expiration beyond your travel dates. In addition, a visa from the Indian Government is required for an extra cost.
  •   Vaccinations and preventative drugs. We suggest visiting a special travel clinic. Cost depends upon your insurance, copays and prescription benefits.
  •   Alcoholic Beverages. These can be purchased on your own.
  •   Other Personal Expenses.

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