Transformational Travel to Guatemala

June 2022| Approximately $1,250/person* | Intergenerational Trip

Join Lutheran Partners on a Transformational Travel experience! We will visit our partner in Guatemala, Community Cloud Forest Conservation (CCFC), and visit with students who now have access to education. You’ll see the direct impact of an education and how it’s tied to the health of the precious cloud forest! Curious how? Join us!

Trip objectives are to:

  1. Experience and learn from another culture
  2. Participate in ongoing education and agro-ecology projects
  3. Share our lives and show God’s love with those we meet

Things that make this destination a particularly appealing opportunity:

  1. It is close to home.
  2. It is safe. Our local partner, CCFC, takes care of all the travel logistics from pick-up at the airport to drop-off at the airport and everything in-between!
  3. It is appropriate for people of all ages. The days are packed with active learning, participating with children in the local schools, and ample free time for fun activities. You can choose how you want to participate. It’s a great opportunity for families, grandparents, youth, friends, and solo travelers.

*What is covered in the cost of the trip?
Included: All of your on the ground expenses such as transportation, food, lodging, devoted staff, and basic medical evacuation insurance.
Not Included: Airfare to/from Guatemala City. This can range widely given location and season.
Other considerations: Passport expenses, travel clinic visits, recommended medication/vaccine costs and souvenirs.

It was an amazing, unique adventure unlike anything I'd ever done before. I am so thankful I was able to experience it with my kids! We all learned so much about Guatemala, the culture, the land, agroecology and conservation - while also learning a lot about people, ourselves, and each other.

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