Transformational Travel to India

July 8 – 23, 2017, India Journey 

Experience the sights, sounds and diversity of religions in India.  And enjoy the dynamic experience of visiting the Siloam Boarding Home where we will help the girls add color and texture to the walls.

The itinerary includes:

  • Interfaith conversations (Christian, Sikhism, Hinduism, & Islam)
  • Quo Vadis Interfaith Dialogue Center in Tiruvannamalai and Chennai
  • Visits to several temples, mosques, and holy places along the way
  • Engaging conversations and time for contemplative being
  • Add-on to the trip:  Golden Temple in Amritsar (Sikh), Taj Mahal, and Old Delhi

The cost is approximately $3,700, which includes round trip airfare from most U.S. departure points to India as well as in-country travel, lodging, and food.

If the Golden Temple, the Taj Mahal, and Old Delhi are added this will be an extra cost. Other costs to consider are visits to a travel clinic and a variety of vaccines and/or preventative medicines for travel to India. A passport with an expiration date at least six months beyond your trip to India is required, as is an Indian Visa.

Leader of the trip: Julie Rogness, Executive Director of LPGM.

Please contact Mary Peterson at LPGM, 612.806.0732, to add your name to the list for a journey like this or for more information about the commitment.